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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Christmas In July

A bit of Patriotic-Christmas-in-July!
Happy day to you all!

As I blog today, it's very hot outside in the Panhandle, but inside the Christmas music is playing, the air conditioner works hard, and I am designing new ornaments.  It's that time again to start creating ornaments for Christmas In July, and for the upcoming holiday season in my etsy shop.  I've got lots of new Sugar Plum Ice Cream Cones in the works.

My little guys love to help out when I get out my ornament supplies.  I've learned to give them a tray of extra items of their own to work with.  If I don't, they are going to be getting into my decoration supplies.  I love that they want to be involved and creating though.  They add their own "boyishness" to their own creations, and we initial and date them, then add them to the tree each season.  Their progress shows in their ornaments as their eye-hand coordination and maturity grows, and our tree has become similar to a special type of scrapbook of ornaments that only comes out during the holidays!

This year I've tried to make ornaments in many different colors.  The green is selling out first, and I'm out of green, so will be making more soon!  Green is a traditional Christmas color, but it doesn't stand out on a tree as well as other colors often do, so selling lots of green this year surprised me, but there is a lot to say about tradition!  I still love to decorate a majority of my home in shades of red and green for the holidays.  My favorite holiday decoration is holly and ivy.....a fine example of traditional holiday colors.

Until next time!


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    How cute is that!!
    Hot and Humid here too-not use to humidity!
    Looks so refreshing!
    Enjoy your day,

  2. HI, just visiting you back! Thanks for your nice comments and your cone ornaments are adorable!

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    Oh your cone ornie is darling. Love the colors. So glad they are selling well for you too. I also love to create ice cream cones, although mine are of a more larger variety. Love the size of your creation. You are so talented. I guess thinking Christmas is on the agenda for most of us with shoppes. I have been painting holiday for a couple months now.
    Somehow it hasn't helped with our extreme heat though LOL~~~~~

    Thank you for stopping by and your anniversary wishes.
    Good Luck in my giveaway and also for becoming a follower. You are most kind.

    Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

  4. So cute! You are so smart to get a head start on your Christmas ornaments. :0)


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