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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Decor Tutorial

It's November already!  To celebrate the beginning of the most wonderful season there is, the boys and I took some time out to do pumpkin art.

These charming little pumpkins are so simple!  My little guys did a great job helping me.  We even made a few extra to deliver to daddy's work, and a neighbor or two!

I've included a few photos as a quick tutorial of how to create these little goodies!  Take a look at this simple, yet fantastic little project!

Fabric Fat Quarter in festive fall colors
Batting - to wrap a bit around the toilet paper roll to make your pumpkin a bit rounder
Paper Bag

Optional:  Ribbon and Leaves for extra embellishment

Almost done!  Add some fun leaves, and maybe a bow.  Another stem option is cinnamon sticks!  

Project completion!  Now make a few and deliver them to someone you care about!  


  1. I love my little pumpkin the boys brought over. I have to show it to the grandchildren when they visit, have a feeling we may be putting your tutorial to good use.

  2. That's super cute and I never would have thought about using a roll of toilet paper!


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