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Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet the Family...

  I wanted to introduce you to our family.  Justin is our oldest son.  Aaron is our little red-head.  My Hubbie and I love to get out and travel with our family.  My husband works for an airline, so we travel stand-by everywhere we can!  We love traveling so much that we homeschool, so we can go-go-go as often as we can get away.  The boys learn about the world as we travel around it.  So far it's been an amazing adventure.

  We live in Florida, and have spent some of this year traveling around our own state, too.  When flights are full, we get in the car and explore the places that are closer.

  Our little guys love the beach, and since the Gulf Coast still (possibly) contains oil....we recently went to a place that has been on our Travel Wish List for a long time.  Amelia Island, FL.  We had a lovely time.  The boys loved the waves.  (We don't normally have a lot of waves near the beach on the Gulf).  You can see in these pictures that they enjoyed playing with their boogie boards in the sand  and the waves.  We only had one jelly fish sting, but nothing that would keeps us all out of the water for very long.  (Sooth with vinegar and keep having fun!)

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